Memories of John from his Brother Don

Created by Dave 5 years ago
I’ve looked up to John all my life and miss him very much. As written by Mom in my baby book at about age 2: “ Donnie follows Jackie everyplace he goes…”. We had lots of fishing at Pruitt’s creek with Mom and Dad (reading a book) in those early years. We remained close through grade school and when he went into the Seminary. When he got back and through high school we had many great pheasant hunting days with Bill, Ron and Jerry Abts and their dog Pat; pin setting and pool at the bowling alley. John and his Clarinet inspired me to join the band. Not nearly as much time together through high school, John in the Army and I in the Navy but we kept in touch. John had spent time in Norfolk JC and helped me by referring me to “Ma Jones” at JC when I needed to make up my math deficiencies to be accepted into Nebr. Engr. College. Because of his good name and reference I stayed at his old home in Norfolk (Dietricks), got a job at Pringers tending bar and then moved on to Nebraska. Mary and I continued to look up and stay close to him and could call on him any time for support, no questions asked. He remained a Nebraska fan and a Cardinals baseball fan. John and my children and grand children have been very close and loved each other very much. We will always miss him deeply.