marisbaum June 18th, 2014

Our thoughts are with Julie, Dave, Cathy and the entire Reiner family. Love the pictures in the gallery and especially the wedding pictures and the family photos. I can see Dave clearly in John's happy face when John and Julie were married. Such a testament to both John and Julie to have so many happy days and years together, and such a testament to both John and Julie that you raised a one-of-a-kind, wonderful son. But it takes a village and the love and caring of the entire Reiner family also shines through John and Dave (and all the other family members I have had the honor to meet). This time of grieving and transition is so hard, but please know that John was a special, irreplaceable person. He will continue to be loved and remembered by all those who were touched by him throughout his life, including my family and me. Love and hugs, Beth, Howard, Sarah and Abby